Hypercore basic usage

Installing from npm

Assuming you already have a Node.js project started, install the npm module to node_modules:

npm install --save hypercore

This will also update your package.json.

If you need help setting up Node.js and creating a project, here is a guide.

Creating a hypercore on disk

Try creating a new Node.js file, let's call it create-feed.js:

const hypercore = require('hypercore')

const feed = hypercore('./my-feed')

When you first run node create-feed, it will create the my-feed directory under your current directory, and it will have the following files in it:

$ ls my-feed
bitfield        key             secret_key      signatures      tree

This is where the data for the hypercore will be stored. We haven't stored any data yet, but we can see that some files have already been created.

These files are called SLEEP files - they are all binary formatted files. The format is documented in the SLEEP Paper (pdf).

These files are the backing database for hypercore, so you should never need to touch them. But it is useful to know what they are.

The key file is 32 bytes long and contains the public key for the hypercore feed. Likewise, the secret_key file is 64 bytes long and contains the secret key.

These are binary files, so you can use the hexdump system utility to display them (if you have it):

$ hexdump my-feed/key
0000000 e1 3a be 5e 44 cb 7b 41 1e 8c 46 2c b7 7e bd e4
0000010 01 2e 00 2e 6e c6 15 72 0b 06 f7 37 32 98 4f 23
$ hexdump my-feed/secret_key
0000000 eb 21 ea 4a f3 9d c7 04 ec a4 4d 0f 8e 63 3d 06
0000010 b7 53 03 7a 5b e4 44 93 b8 bc e2 77 b7 52 bd d0
0000020 e1 3a be 5e 44 cb 7b 41 1e 8c 46 2c b7 7e bd e4
0000030 01 2e 00 2e 6e c6

Hypercore uses Ed25519 public-key cryptography for it's key pairs. This modern cyrptography system is extremely fast and also has short keys. The 32-byte binary secret key shown above can be printed as a 64-character hexadecimal string, which can also be used as a dat: URL, eg.:

  • dat://e13abe5e44cb7b411e8c462cb77ebde4012e002e6ec615720b06f73732984f23

With the public key, anybody can verify that records written to the hypercore were created with the secret key.

Normally, you should never distribute the secret key. You should just keep it on disk in the SLEEP format for internal use by the hypercore for when it needs to write new data.

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