Welcome to dat-dev-story. Intended for developers, dat-dev-story is a series of quick tutorials built to introduce you to the most useful parts of the Dat Project ecosystem.


Orientation Material

We'll start with some quick hints to help you get oriented if you are new to the project. You can skip much of this if you already know your way around.

If you desire a full introduction to the Dat Project, please check out the project home page at datproject.org and the official documentation.


Each tutorial will show you a different part of the Dat ecosystem. Tutorials are structured as follows:

  • Introduce a new library
  • Talk about core concepts
  • Introduce a role-playing scenario for the exercise
  • Present a coding problem
  • A solution is available for each problem

Most of tutorials can be completed using Node.js on your local computer, but they can also be completed in a simulated environment in the web page.

Building the docs

$ npm install gitbook-cli -g
$ gitbook serve
$ gitbook build


Public Domain!

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